'A Dark Biomechanical Music'


Techny-Call X is an industrial metal band from Bordeaux (France) with an interest in weaving biomechanical concepts and visual effects into their work. Former member of SETH, Doppler formed the band in 2005.

The first demo 'Start the Process' was released in 2006 and was rapidly acclaimed by specialist magazines and websites. Rock Hard Mag France including a track on its compilation CD and crowning it demo of the month. Techny-Call X was featured on several compilations as : French Metal, la Tierra de Los Suenos III, Dark Alliance volume 2 from Wave Gotik Treffen, Zillo Magazine...



The album Evolution was released in 2009. Its tracks appeared on various radio shows and in clubs, had been remixed by Blood, Wertstahl, Morte Infection... Techny-Call X has also remixed tracks from the band : Kadaver Acht, Turmion Kätilöt and Blood. Press reviews (Elegy, D-Side, Legacy, Transit, Side Line, ...) supported the band, who was awarded Group of the Year 2009 by Industrialized Metal (100/100) .

Techny-Call X headlined the Gomorah Delirium Night in 2009 at Barbey’s (Bordeaux, France) where both the music and the visual effects of the band were strongly acclaimed by the audience.

Only avalaible in digital version the album Wasting times  was produced in 2011. This remix EP contains 2 new titles and other songs never avalaible by dowloading until now...


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